"Are You Afraid Of God? No, But I'm Afraid Of You" lyrics


"Are You Afraid Of God? No, But I'm Afraid Of You"

And it got cold in Essex County
When the old sat there side by side
Building tombs in the form of houses
Burying the rest of Old Joe's mind

And I can see them sitting
Aging into the light
Tucker into Someplace, Toranto
Saying, "why can't you be alive?"

And it got cold in Essex County
When they sat next to their graves
Screaming to nothing
If they could have just one more day

And all the drugs didn't help a thing
But fill his knees with epic pain
At the moment he let out a smile
Because at least he felt something

You wrote me off, I called it funny
Too troublesome, too tongue in cheek.
I made friends with your distance presence
But by myself all I had was silence
Your cozy glare turned my eyes bloodshot
I missed you most when I could sleep

I know that my brother is better than he thinks he is, maybe we should call each other
And I'll sit on top this train, spread myself out and open the holes in my head
Spill out the contents of my brain, give them to Joe to bring him back from the dead

Give me another bottle, so I don't mash my teeth
I won't be another animal, but maybe that's what I need
Lord knows I've been tryin', but human ain't my thing
Maybe all those pretty Ativan will feel better inside my skin

Lighting my lighter in my pocket reminding me that I'm here
(Am I imaginary, or is my voice not loud enough?)

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