"5 Minute Raw Vegan (Are You Fucking Around?)" lyrics


"5 Minute Raw Vegan (Are You Fucking Around?)"

Trust me, don't think. Corrode me inside a brain wave.
Don't bleed, trust me. You'll only be losing iron and dumb faith.

It's news to me that I haven't been thinking clearly
Get help, alleviate yourself inside a numbing hell.

While houses far away are ticking, admitting window pain

I've run into several problems regarding your thoughtful progress
"You're not what I need, you've never have been. I barely noticed your pale presence."
That put me too deep, crying to your knees, realizing I'm incomplete
I sucked in too much, reach into my gut, pulled everything out including the touch

Well maybe (it's shocking)
That you stayed (and I left)
I'm not a promise (or a keeper)
So I'll haunt you until you remain

My head split in two directions
But I'm doing alright

I can't remember when things were this quiet.
How do I say goodbye when I know you're dying?

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