"It's Not Just A Mustache, It's A Time Machine" lyrics


"It's Not Just A Mustache, It's A Time Machine"

Brother, brother where have you been?
I'm dying just to tell you I already know where you have been.

Oh my God, where have I been?

Don't you think that I don't know.

Open your mouth. Open your throat.
Swallow your God damn pride.

Somebody sound the alarms 'cause we're not who we say we are.
We're not who we say we are.

If life is what you want, keep searching
'Cause I am dead on the inside and every words I said I'll take them back.

You need these lies to keep your conscience clear
Well these eyes have seen you for what you are.

This is where we hold them, this is where we stand.

All we have left to fear is our intentions.
We all stand trial. Judge me, hate me.
We're the same. We're the same.

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