"Matchmaker, Matchmaker" lyrics


"Matchmaker, Matchmaker"

How many people walk these streets
Window-shopping for the perfect mate?
There's no need for matchmakers
We already seek only what's safe
Here, sir, for your daughter is a good son
A nice one duplicating religion and race
Class and age
Carbon Copies

Can we find a way to meet when I'm so Montague and you're so Capulet

I just want to talk, but my lips won't move
It's not right, it won't work, you won't like
That I'm too this or too that, not enough
I'm just too uptight

My heart has rarely ever taking any daring risks
Lets stop censoring happiness
Censoring Happiness

And all you with the blue shirts and the red ties
Are welcome to get your hands out of our pants
We'll love who we want to how we need to
While your laws wallow in irrelevance

What makes two people caring for each other so scandalous?
If something is ruining this world, it certainly isn't love

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