"I Don't Have A Dancing Problem" lyrics


"I Don't Have A Dancing Problem"

Fuck this, I'm going dancing
Yeah I'm gonna get my fix tonight
For just a few short hours, I'll leave my worthless worries behind

Until my feet are rags
My aching ankles snap

Yeah we started dancing in the malls
And on tables down at city hall
We just got disapproving eyes

Everyone's a dealer selling bad shit to each other: "a time and place for everything"
But I only take hits from the DJ and she's always spinning

When the disco ball tonight
Spins a sea of tiny lights
If we just wade and submerge we'll be baptized

And wash these cautions clean
Like hand-me-down kidneys

They say starving artist
They don't know the hungry part is
Not the empty stomach
But the dry and sober heart

So I'll fly fly fly with the art injections
Fight fight fight all the interventions
I'm not down with 12-steps unless you're showing me new moves

Sweating salty oceans, twitching and my pulse is racing
I've barely started with this groove

Fuck this, I'm going dancing
I've been strung out for all my life
But I can get a fix tonight
For a few short hours I'll feel alright

Thanks to Gregg L for these lyrics

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