"Home Is Where The Van Is" lyrics


"Home Is Where The Van Is"

Everywhere I go, I'm home 'cause everywhere has streets
How 'bout a motivational speech
I don't think this is what they meant by
"most likely to succeed"
Yeah, that me

I'm not the one who builds a nest in the suburbs
It's not my style to swim the urban scene
I live quite comfortably
At a constant velocity

Con't stop this sneezing
I think my allergy is to these dusty stagnant feet
It's time to make my move now before redundancy owns me

Everyone rocks one of two kinds of inertia
One is electric and the other is stone
If you see my mom,
Please don't tell her I don't have a home
Just tell her I'm a lightning bolt

Location: Van down by the creek
Accommodations: a waterbed of gasoline
Reservations: I make them as I please
always a vacancy

Thanks to Gregg L for these lyrics

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