"Gravity's Temptation" lyrics


"Gravity's Temptation"

There is a bridge where my hope stands naked and afraid
Gazing to the falls below
200 feet of gravity's all that separates
from where my faith broke long ago
And it's all I can do
To keep from shouting "jump"
And my dirties thoughts
Are to laugh as I shove him off
And the echoing smack
Will bounce off the gorge's walls
And i'll finally get some sleep

I'm just one tiny person, where do i begin?
We're fighting a battle I don't think we'll win
I'm tempted to say "Fuck it" and turn my voice in
but that offers no dignity

So I'll turn my back on that spectacular drop
Wrap my arms around Hope and drag his ass off
While he kicks and he screams I'll just quietly sob
"I still need you here with me"

'Cause my hope, my hope is the only thing left to cling to
Our hope, our hope is the only thing to get us through
My hope, my hope is the only thing left to cling to

Thanks to Gregg L for these lyrics

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