"Don't Ask If This Is About You" lyrics


"Don't Ask If This Is About You"

Tonight I'll crash anything
A car, a couch, maybe a party
I just want a piece of home
Perhaps somebody here will take me
Sorry, i don't mean to be so old and drunk an
Hey, excuse me, I'm just looking for someone to touch tonight
Lend me a blanket and I'll be alright

My fingers learn your face
But something's out of place
Your lips aren't where I thought
They're not the ones I lost

Everyone has a silver kiss
Where they place their trust upon their lips
I got one chance to share this gift
And i gambled it on an eager teenage tryst

A drink to shitty timing
A hex on my libido
For leading me to waste mine
In the darkest theater back rows

So if you bring your silver
Get ready for my steeled touch
I'll tarnish the occasion
With a healthy dose of my red rust

I'm not trying to spread the disease
I'm just trying

I'll take you out
I'll hold your hips
I like your smile
But damn, those aren't the right lips

I'll take you out
To feel relief
But I'm not feeling
I'm not feeling anything

I won't ask much
Not much i need
Just hold me 'til we sleep
Please hold me 'til we sleep

I'll take you out
Just To feel relief
From not feeling anything
I'm not feeling anything

I don't ask much
'Cause there's not much I can bring
Just hold me 'til we sleep
Please hold me 'til we sleep

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