"Get Me The Clippers" lyrics


"Get Me The Clippers"

I can’t see the point of living, when there’s no will to survive.
I know that we should live our days like our last.
She told the doctor to land the knockout blow,
White coats self important speech, we’ve hit the all time love.
No one left to blame, no king we can defer to,
Just fading memories and whispered cliche virtues.
I was wide awake with a wall of fear surrounding me,
I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe and all these thoughts are swirling this time
I know I'm falling, I can’t save myself,
There’s nothing left for me to save.
I know that we can wait forever for another chance,
But it’s likely not to come,
So I sit back think about the nights we prayed, what a fucking waste.
Everybody wants to find one more reason why we can’t just walk away

Thanks to Johnny 556 for these lyrics

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