"Bowser's Breakdown" lyrics


"Bowser's Breakdown"

This conversation is bound to go bad,
When you’re three drinks in and you’re stumbling around the truth.
Your lack of loyalty is showing its ugly face and I can’t control myself.
If you only knew the things I’m capable to do.

I blame myself for nothing more
Than letting you get the best of me
I find it hard to walk away
When all the things I have to say,
They break me down.

The guilt you’re stricken with after you lay down.
You never thought your dishonesty could drag us down

Why don’t we go where no one is going to hear you scream,
It's time to show you what I’m made of,
I’m so sick of all the fucking shit you put me through
It's time to show you what I’m made of

Thanks to Johnny 556 for these lyrics

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