"Selfish Schism" lyrics


"Selfish Schism"

Of all the races mixed as one,
You target some for hell to come.
With all the fear seen in their eyes
You carry on this senseless despise,
You have no remorse, you feel no shame
Your actions are cruel, but you always disclaim.
You base your kindness on the color of skin,
Your goal for white power is what you won't win.

Your ignorance shames your humanity,
Where do you get this american pride?
For a land that stands for equality,
The declaration is a fucking lie.
You pride your flag of red, white, and blue,
But your hopes are to liberate only a few.
The only thing coming is a human disgrace,
No matter the color, we're all still one race.

A barbaric stance, a cold hard stare,
Nazi regalia and close shaven hair.
A nazi skinhead is what they re-called,
The thought of their existence makes me appalled.
Targeting hatred towards each ethnic minority ,
Selfishly fighting for whites as majority.
They worship Hitler, they glorify violence,
A true fear of non-whites portrays their diffidence.

A love for war, the nazi era,
Bring it back, this reign of terror.
Auschwitz concentration camps,
Messerschmitts and panzer tanks.
A forth reich is what they want,
A dominant race of whites they taunt.
Malicious killings and senseless beatings,
All this pride but they lack any feelings.

A company in hats gathers on the lawn,
Burns a cross, now they think they re strong.
Shouting insulting phrases is their expression,
But seclusion shows their real aggression.
Taking shelter in a wardrobe of white,
Shows their fear to confront a clean fight.
Intolerant little person in a big white robe,
Another mindless asshole to favor JIM CROW .

Hidden behind a mask of hate,
Obscuring the face that feels this racism.
Your humiliation is your final fate,
We won't stand for your selfish schism.
Clothing your body in a stupid white sheet,
To save your ass with an anonymous identity.
If you were so strong, you'd stand face to face,
And fight with your mind, with the real human race.

You'll find these racist all over the globe,
But they won't all be wearing a hood and a robe.
A cop, or a teacher, or even your neighbor,
Or running for president your fascist mayor.
There's no single look of them that you'll find,
But they all have the same fucked up views in their mind.
Some may be rich, and some may be poor,
But their racist views you shouldn't ignore.

So you must be alert, and don't be surprised,
That with those you least expect, this hate lies.
Don't tolerate the shit that these fuckers say,
Don't fall for the image they try to portray.
Don't ignore their actions in any way,
Cause there is something that everyone can say.
Stand up for what s right, a race that is human,
Stand up and fight for a race that is one!!!

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