"Let Her Be" lyrics


"Let Her Be"

Have your lust but let her be, Have your dreams but let her be
Have your greed but let her be, Have your fatigue but let her be
Have your desire but let her be, Have your filth but let her be
Have your porno but let her be, Have your fantasies just let her be

In pursuit of her body, In quest of her type
The alone type brave enough to face the street at night
But you assault her with your sexual needs
You don't feel her pain, You condone her screams

You took her life away, You took her mind away
You took her soul away, Ashamed to even know her name
You took her love away, You took her trust away
You took her pride away, What right have you to cause her such shame?

She'll forever feel you in her cries-she bleeds. Her life has
been taken by force and greed. You've taken her love, taken
her hate, taken her life like death through rape. But he'll
flourish his sexual deviation, without having to worry of
brutal conception. He'll never feel only create the misery
as he violates.

It's an act that's craved, it's an act that's cruel
When forced to the ground to follow your rules
When you hear her cries, it's against her will
But your violation still seeks sick thrills


You have no fucking right, to take from her her life. Her body
is her own in which you have no right to hold. She's not devoted
to the pleasures that playboys seem to treasure. So when you
hear her scream, let her go, just let her be

You could have your lust, Just let her be
Have all your fantasies, Just let her be

So you force her more, just beat her around
Show her where you stand your ground
It's sexual assault, but what do you care
No ones there to witness, no ones there to hear!!!

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