"It's Not TV, It's Reality" lyrics


"It's Not TV, It's Reality"

Another world war, a fight with Iraq
innocents fear a cruise missile attack
a system of lies, power and greed
a corrupted world from which hatred will bleed

Can't you all see it's not TV
Can't you all see it's reality
Can't you all see it's not TV
Can't you all see it's reality

Why must we fear all these ignorant men
who try to control us by the push of a pen
from down in D.C. or wherever they may be
hidden from pain they don't want to see


A wonderful cop show for us all to see
just think of how protected we will be
with brutal beatings of racist attacks
Oh what a feeling to break all those backs!


Murder, beatings, molestings and rape
it's all there for us to tape
but when it comes down in front of a jury
who are the ones who see a bit blurry
slaughtering and testing of our animal friends
when will this senseless turmoil end
from animals to trees to humans to land
these things can't be changed by the remote in your hand!!

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