"Find Your Future..." lyrics


"Find Your Future..."

Won't You Join The Army Now,
So You Can Fight And You Can Die' [x4]

Join the army for a way of life
you'll learn respect and discipline
they'll train you hard to be a man
and even to live free of sin
in just two years you'll be a machine
that destroys anything within its path
and after all that brainwashing
you'll legally be a psychopath

Fuck the army and its way of life
The patriotic way to fight
with blood and guts and endless screams
how can you say it's built on dreams'
dreams of death and a horrid nation
prisoners in camps of concentration
is this your fucking way of life'
a pathetic holocaustic strife!

Won't You Join The Army Now,
So You Can Fight And You Can Die' [x4]

Travel the world, see foreign nations
boost your ego in public relations
learn of cultures and different races
that soon you'll be tearing to pieces
see the famine and poverty
that's destroying third world countries
to help a country, you'll start a war
relentless U.S. corporate whore

Fuck your building industrialization
in a country not meant for civilization
making them work in shit hole cages
exploiting them with lower wages
they don't want your aid or sympathy
with your establishing a false democracy
stuff your fascist vision of farce
as you shit their pride out of your arse!

Attention, about face, forward, march!
Hut two three four [x4] in record sleeve foldout

Won't you join the army now,
So you can fight and you can die! [x4]

Well now the army sounds good to you
they'll even give you an education too
but the future looks grim with talk of nuclear war
how will we survive past 1994?!
it seems the issue is world domination
your apathetic greed will lead to termination
fucking around with deadly toys
is not a game for grown up boys!

Fuck your nuclear submarine base
that'll destroy what's left of the human race
all this talk of nuclear power
a deadly rain, atomic shower
pandemonium, insanity and fear
this talk of death I don't want to hear
I think it's time to stop this war
your ignorant rivalry will be a deadly score

So now you've joined the army,
Indulged the lies they've fed, and now you're dead

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