"Cat Heaven" lyrics


"Cat Heaven"

Originally by Jets To Brazil

In the dream that awakened me,
you had come and taken me
to a sea of stars.
The cat stood in the flowers two ears above.

And the ground that was under me
was holding me so wonderfully
on a bed of leaves
and you were there with me, we were free.

And everything we saw
was beautiful and strong,
and I knew we belonged.

And then the birds came and carried us
to the sky and married us on a bed of stars,
where I was always yours and you were mine.

And in the long back eternity,
Oh I love you so perfectly
in the words of clouds,
like a bird sings to his flowers and I was heard.

And everything I saw
was everything I'd want,
and this world had just begun to live.

Don't wake me up,
Don't wake me up,
Don't wake me up,
I can't wake up.

And everyone was forgiven;
made hopeful; made living;
made winning, tonight.

So, captain, please consider me.
Let the boats deliver me.
When I close my eyes,
drive, captain, drive.
It's time.

For everything to be perfect,
for everything to stop hurting,

Don't wake me up,
Don't wake me up,
Don't wake me up,
Don't wake me up.

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