"Rose & Crown" lyrics


"Rose & Crown"

Larissa lies about her face,
swears she'll have to buys some mace,
but we all know the truth,
her rates were late, she paid in kind...
And Joey mumbles through the shakes,
and laughs to fight the snakes
of doubt he feels each time
he tries to stop the monkeys dancing.

Friday night at the Rose and Crown -
the whiskey bites, bitter wash it down...

John Skin he's jumpin' on a wog
I've seen him walking with his dog down
Finsbury Park on a Sunday says
shagall when he on his own.
But now he's runnin' with the pack,
they'll dine on Eastern snack...
They make a good curry mister,
as long as they don't touch my sister...

Another fight in the Rose and Crown.
Get 'im in the head, kick 'im while he's down...

No use in runnin' for the hills,
though I've had my fill of booze and pills
another pint for the road...
a fish and chips... a drunken shag...
watch ill folks make their children whores
then keep them behind locked doors there's no way out.
I had my chance I should've ran...

Another night at the Rose and Crown...

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