"Paint The Town Red" lyrics


"Paint The Town Red"

Hey there, where you going to, how the hell you been?
I haven't seen you in a while, come over here, my friend
It sure has been a long time since I've seen your pretty face
I hear that you've been doing good, what's the story with this place?

So c'mon, here we go again, you and I
We'll paint this fucking town red

I'm in the mood to hit the streets, that's what I bloody said
I'm in the mood to hit the streets, and paint the fuckers red
We're gonna go out nuts tonight, chasing down the browns
We're gonna go down to the pubs, and take this fucking town

Well, it's six in the morning now, the sun is in my eyes
My pockets are all empty, and I'm glad to be alive
I'll see you at the gates of hell, that's where we're going to
So raise your glasses in the air, I'll drink this one for you

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