"Worldwide" lyrics



Even when I walk away from all of this
I won't forget your faces, the places that I've been
For so many years, so many friends
Times that we cherish now and then
We can't replace them, but we can look ahead

I give all my respect to you, my friends!
After all I've seen, and all we've been through
This is a worldwide thing!
All across the world I say to you, my friends!
Thanks for all the love, for always staying true
Now it's a worldwide thing

Don't confuse my words, I'm not finished yet
There's more to see, more to express
More to conquer, nevertheless still
I'm humbled by it all, will we rise or fall?
I won't stand complacent, we will make our statement

From New York to the west coast
All across the lands
Overseas in Europe, and Japan
Australia to New Zealand
To South America, here we go again


Now it's a worldwide thing!
This is a worldwide thing!
Is everybody with me?
It's a worldwide thing!
Is everybody with me?
Now it's a worldwide thing!

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