"Thinking To Myself" lyrics


"Thinking To Myself"

Beware of what's around you.
The elements of life will sometimes take you in.
Bad things always surround you.
It's your choice now to think.
Crime is easy to come by and temptation is bound to bring you down.
Corruption distorts your judgement and it seems you cant trust no one now.
Thinking to myself there's a price to pay.
Is it worth the pain,
The pain of someone taking your life away?
Saying to myself there is a better way.
It's not worth the pain,
The pain of someone taking it all away.
Memories are here to remind you,
Learn from your brothers.
Don't make their mistakes.
Trouble will somehow find you,
It's your choice to contemplate.
Crime don't pay in the long run.
Money ain't worth the risk of death or jail.
I'm not judging no one.
I'm just thinking, talking to myself.

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