"The Blame" lyrics


"The Blame"

What are you gonna do when they all turn on you
Is it worth for us to live their way
It's their mistake and we're the blame
Are we to live by their rules and be told what to do
We're not part of their society
Fuck their authority
We're the youth of today and nothing can stand in our way
We are young and strong with our new hopes we can't go wrong
We'll live without conformity
We got our dreams
Fuck authority
Can't you look around you and see the world of today
They're all fucking hypocrites
Who lies to get their way
We shouldn't feel this shame
When we know we're not the blame
We can't take their abuse
They're full of selfish lies
We've heard too many excuses
When we know we're right
The anger has grown inside us and we're out for blood tonight

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