"Still Searching" lyrics


"Still Searching"

New times draw upon me I can't foresee what's next.
But I feel free to do what I have to do,
I answer to, only G.O.D. I look up to.
Can't say I've changed,
Can't say that I'm still the same.
I maintain through my mindstrains
To figure out the next move without pain.
Still searching for the way to work it out,
Soul searching can't do nothing about what lies next on life's list,
Will I live, will we ever get out?
Trapped visions that I must believe,
So far away from I can't retreat.
Sometimes I find a way to get mine,
Other times I'm lost, I'm blind.
The pressure gets hard B,
I can't lose track it's always on me.
I can't stray cuz it won't go away,
Gotta figure out the next move day by day.
Time's out!
Do or die, it's my time, it's my life, it's my time,
Do or die, do or die, it's our time - it's our lives.
Time's out.

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