"Nothing To Me" lyrics


"Nothing To Me"

Your stories mean nothing to me
I wasn't there – Why should I be?
So concerned with a life I didn't lead
You keep your glory – I'll just be me

My struggles will never compare
To all of yours and I don't care
Your troubles are not my affair
Mine aren't yours – Let's keep it there

Those streets sound gritty and rough
I want for nothing – I'm not that tough
I can't relate so there's nothing to discuss
Your image is great – The rest sucks

It all means nothing
It means nothing to me
Nothing to me
I believe in nothing
I'm just a punk kid
Can't you see?

I don't tell these stories for the glory
I never did, son, but don't you worry
You can shut it off, shut it off and not listen
I'll be shoving off – Shoving off another mission

Not to teach – But to reach those who will listen
I don't preach – I just speak on how we were living
You don't have to live another's life to learn from it
You don't have to do anything and you'll earn nothing

It all means something
It means something to me
Something to me
I believe in something
I'm just a hardened man
But I believe...

In something
I believe...
In something
You're nothing to me

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