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What will you do when your kingdom comes crumbling down around you
What will you do when the walls you built fall and all your nemeses find you
In the realm of make believe you are a ruler, a prince, a king
You speak freely imprudently. It's not naïveté, it's how you chose to be

Your disciples laugh at your quips
And just like you they're hypocrites
You would never own up to what you say
At least not to anyone's face

Wake up to reality
Wake up to your pathetic life
Where you you just hate to hate
Because you have no life, no life
Your monarchy does not exist

So what will you do when your followers betray you
And you become exposed
What will you do in the world of fantasy
You are the master, a genius indeed
You voice, your thoughts so eloquently
Or at least that's what, that's what you believe
An opinion is everyone's right
Say what you want just remember you crossed the line
There's certain people you don't verbally smite
Now this will all come to light
Come to light

Just like in your world one button is all takes
One button can erase your words and actions or put you in a vulnerable place

Wake up to reality
Wake up to your pathetic life
Where you, you just hate to hate
You just hate to hate
They're coming, they're coming for you
They're gunning, they're gunning, they're gunning for you

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