"The Seniors Are Skydiving" lyrics


"The Seniors Are Skydiving"

When I grow old and die, I won’t really care
don’t fit me with no oxygen or stick me in a wheelchair
cuz when my fucking back aches, and my bones all turn to dust
one thing I’ll remember I had fucking fun

please give me something to exercise my brain, I won’t die here
in this prison home of pain. I’ll tear my fucking mask off and
escape through the door I refuse to sit and rot becoming a
corpse. no light shines through the window because the shades
are down blocking the world out. Want to taste the fresh air,
not allowed to roam the hall, another victim of protocol
an old man sits staring at the tv screen. He used to have a life,
a mortgage and a wife, now she’s dead and gone he’s broke and
his children took his home. his mind’s trapped in hell, a
prisoner of itself blinded by the cataracts unable to move from the pain
I’m not fucking dead yet
Now the seniors are skydiving not afraid to waste away they’re
gonna die before they slowly decay. Crossing off the bucket
list until the body can’t persist they refuse to sit and rot,
wasting their time. doing every drug under the sun, going a
hundred and leaving the top down. I refuse to end up in a home
where old folks die, self administered compassionate suicide.
I don’t mean a rope they’re just trying to cope and uselessness
that no one likes to feel, consumed by the hate of regrets and fate.
Nobody should die like that, stuck in the dark

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