"Feeding From The Sloptrough" lyrics


"Feeding From The Sloptrough"

Just another pawn in the fast food nation robbing you blind of
your motivation. There’s a good kid don’t think about it, just
eat what you’re given and beg. Can’t afford to eat from a health
perspective, line up at the trough of the frozen section.
There’s a good pig, eat your slop mix, or would you go hungry

Hey! another cancer patient can’t escape from preservation. the
chemicals that poison you and wear you down are FDA approved
Hey! The food supply is tainted, not disease but imitation.
The additives that poison you and wear you down are FDA approved.

Broken, poor, supporting two, why is it so hard just to pay for
food? Working hard, seven days, never sees her kin making minimum
wage. Fighting for her freedom living for her kids manipulated
reason she’s nothing left to give. Fattening her children,
thinking it’s the way, weakening every day.
Waiting for the start of a revolution. Implementing change in
this institution. Wake your mind up, take your life back so we
can be human again. Compensating for overpopulation, lead them
to the door with a sweetened bate hook. Like a work horse chase
the carrot to help move the carriage along.

Breaking down losing steam, collaboration’s hard from opposing
teams. Antibiotics laced in meat, how do you decide what the
masses should eat? Sadistic corporate bargains eating you inside.
manipulated reason they’ve nothing left to hide. Lying to
your children, leading them astray, weakening everyday

Break the chains, face all the people that tame you. take back,
bite all the fingers that feed you. roll in the mud and the
shit, feed from the trough while you’re bathing in it.
live in the mud and the shit, feed from the trough don’t
bother to clean it off
just another ploy of a greedy business, feeding us crap til
we’re all submissive. Like a fat slob, eat the corn dog so
they can see profits again
the chemicals that poison you

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