"This Dirty Town" lyrics


"This Dirty Town"

8'o clock I really ought to go,
But I wanna stay and listen to my radio,
And the man next door he starting up his car,
He's going out but he ain't going to far!

I can't find my way out
I'm left in or I'm left out
Everyday I look around
Going down down down
In this dirty town

And the type writer girl she keeps on clitty clack,
Till Friday comes she ain't never coming back
And the man next door he screaming down my phone,
Why can't he just leave man why can't he just leave me alone

Stop that clock I really got to go,
I just cant stay and listen to my radio,
This guy this time he's really gone too far,
I swear I'm gonna take him I swear I'm gonna break his jaw!

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