"Vessels" lyrics



A fingernail dusts Egyptian pyramids to train stations.
A baby boy nods off, startled briefly
when the analogue watch stopped
and wound our little screamer up.

Our beautiful young ape.
A graceful doe neck arches lithely back.
You look like such a deer, dear, for a primate.
Maybe just a minute flash.
Involuntary smile to angry gnash.

Baby I've got to dash.
Stomachs full and skulls empty.
Ratchet up these little local reversals of entropy.
Vessels full and lumbering onto centre stage,
ages old and only recently made.

Step back and look;
Bit-by-bit is all it really took.
The fingernails got here fully formed and miniature.
The tailless monkey walks!
Watch that special unit poise to talk,
and play out our ancestry on the lawn.

Involuntary yawns. Step back and look;
bit-by-bit is all it really took.
Programmed blindly by our selfish genes.
Biological machines grappling for the means to mean.

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