"Tens Of Thousands" lyrics


"Tens Of Thousands"

For a start, the earth is four and a half billion years old for god’s sake.
That unsavoury taste is the palpable palette of your faking, faith-fucked goals.
So let’s be reasonable and not think wishfully.
Those accomplishments of ‘man’ line the upper peaks
like teeth planted deeply in the gums,
‘neath a set of stars that twinkle just for you
(apparently it’s true though -
your every molecule unfolds from stardust,
your recipe written accumulatively
over vast vistas of time).
You can euphemise these insane holy wars
to ethnic cleansings or terrorisings,
but there’s such an obvious obtrusion behind it all.
You’re just as bad as each other.
You’re just as stupid, promptly decloud your heads
and put them together instead.

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