"Ghosts - Robots (Robots Win)" lyrics


"Ghosts - Robots (Robots Win)"

Savagery, ignoble as Leviathan confides.
Red in tooth, a slate pregnant and millions of years wide.
As the sun sets on ancient bigotry,
we can put carefully to rest such relativistic reactivity.

The cautions can stand on their own
without being sacredly enthroned in bad science and dogma,
an empire overthrown. All computer brain and mechanical flesh,
and we've risen out of that fearful, screaming mess

as the circle of compassion grows out and out;
and reason now, above all, dispatching blinding lies.
Intolerance of faith in closing eyes.
Now that old city burns and caves in.
Flames of prohibitions and ashes for sin.

Thanks to mateusamp for these lyrics

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