"Sleeping In" lyrics


"Sleeping In"

Death is calling
This plagues got me beat
The streets are empty
Paved with deceit

Bright blue skies
Fade to gloom
A certain death
I'll see you soon

I'm feeling lonely and sick
I'm locked in a cell
I'm getting tired of this lifeless hell
So I beg, and I choose pain
I'm going somewhere fast
Forgetting everyone and everything
That's crossed my path

The sun has set
There's no turning back
Dark days ahead
No escape from black

Summer torture
I'll stay locked in this room
I'm growing weak from my emotions
And I'm drowning in doom
These days are getting shorter
Waking up is getting harder
You can cut out all serenity
And leave me like the others

If there's peace in death
Than kill me now
Tear my face off of my skull
And you can feed me to hell

Thanks to Vince for these lyrics

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