"Malcontent" lyrics



My life is flooded
I'm Swimming in shit
I can't protect the things I love
This is the worst that it gets

Feeling helpless and insane
I can't keep up with this pace
Anxiety and darkness grow
It's fucking spelled on my face

From the start, I've held no innocence
No rules to abide
I feel fear and live with hopelessness
It's a struggle to stay alive

looking for answers, finding nothing
I think I'm wasting my time
My home is empty, you can't save me
I know I'm losing my mind

Hell is real
I reside downtown
In filth, submerged
shackled and bound

It's mental pain
Panic reigns
You can not contain
The puzzle that is my brain

Beneath this skin
Everything is weak
Beneath the sky
Everything is bleak

Dying to be free
From feeling down and out of reach
Bloody gums I'm spitting teeth
There's no will inside of me

I'm stone

I'm always high
Because I'm always low
Real suffering
You'll never know

Thanks to Vince for these lyrics

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