"Words" lyrics



Your words!
Word up! I’ve had enough!
Well I guess I’ve had enough!
And I’m ready to call your bluff!

The deep blue sea,
It won’t pull you to me.

It’s polluted with your words.
With ya!

Your words!
That bring me up or down
From the wrong end of the town
So stupid, or so strong
That they carry me along

It all seemed fine until you opened up your mouth.
Then some sick phrase from the bowels of the South
Went representing you!
With your words

The deep blue sky,
it won’t pull you to I
It’s clouded with your words!
With ya!

I swear that I read it!
And I swear that I meant it!
And I swear, just for the fun of it!
Because I am bringing you off with my words.
Yeah I am bringing you off with my words.
So speechless! So speechless!
Till the end! Till the end! Till the end!

Thanks to Ted for these lyrics

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