"Leaving Home" lyrics


"Leaving Home"

as every one of you,
he goes along the street,
lifeless, alone,
loses ground under his feet,
people think that he‘s a fool,
drugs, booze it was his voice,
jump to the pool,
it was wrongful choice,

he´s thrown , he‘s leaving home –
where you have mates,
he´s thrown , he‘s leaving home –
it´s your home as well,
he´s thrown , he‘s leaving home –
the old story , the old gang,
he´s thrown , he‘s leaving home –

if you cannot rise,
wake up from a bad dream,
mates are around,
you have always been,
and you´ll be with us,
so don't be afraid,
take a helping hand
and then you'll be okay

Thanks to swito21 for these lyrics

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