"Friends From The Streets" lyrics


"Friends From The Streets"

They stand behind you like a family
Help you in the hard times
There is no other possibility
To be stronger in our lives

Never afraid to show some healthy trust
And always build some respect and tolerance
Can you feel it? It's not like a rust
Come on, come on, let our friendship rise!

We are friends from the streets
We never forget even if someone dies
We are friends from the streets
In our memories you and me, we're still alive!

We were brought together by the street where we searched for who we are
A friendship filled with respect, tolerance and love for music
A friendship so strong, it can't be torn apart by the hardest of times
We laugh, we cry and we always try to help each other

We walked the streets as lost souls
No coincidence that we met
For each of us it was a free choice
That's why our friendship is so strong

As time goes by, our lives change
Our friendship remains forever anyway
When we are together, one body and one soul
So strong and pure that's because...


Like trees in the forest we stand side by side
We say we bow to none
Like the highest mountain we reach for the sky
And from the sky we'll never fall down

Let's make some noise in our city, in our streets
Stay true in our souls and hearts
Our scene offers endless possibilities
Brotherhood like this one never really dies


We're like fighters, unbreakable
We're together, friends forever

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