"Eddies's Hotrods II" lyrics


"Eddies's Hotrods II"

no limits, no probs, go out to the streets,
shiny cars, no slow wheels
so simple and so good, it can be seen,
eddie´s hotrods, it´s just the right thing,

crazy, fast and loud,
this is the life,
fast drive through the town..

there is no such thing as sit down to seat,
and have a good time in eddie´s car, at full speed,
king of kings, all over the world,
never to be forgotten in this world,

come and meet, with fast ride rokenroll,
hell-for-leather in the car something like glow,
into the sky, into the hell, it doesn't matter,
with his hotrods, always better,

Thanks to swito21 for these lyrics

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