"Lies In Disguise" lyrics


"Lies In Disguise"

the only girl i had feelings for broke my fuckin' heart
she was one that [?] cos she wasn't very smart
left me stranded in the desert with a simple lie
looked into her wicked heart, kissed her lips goodbye
she's got a home-wreckin' [?] that i had to face
hip tattoos, designer clothes, a real basket case
she picked me over hatchetface because they're both alike
she's living with her parents up at [?]

you say you're sorry that you want nobody but me
that's a lie, it's just a fuckin' lie
you left with your friend, to hang out with your ex while i cry
you're stupid, you're worthless you lost the only thing you had
i was so true to you but you never had a clue
you scarred me, back-stabbed me, you left my heart black and blue

let me tell you a story about a girl i know
who tore my heart in two
and demolished my whole world
she told me that she loved me till i opened up my eyes
you can tear apart the butt but you're fuckin with the wise
now my friends and my family they understand this game
the pain that it posses could drive a man insane
and through my youth i realized love is just a thrill
cos what you don't provide for me it never woman will

lies in disguise, lies in the skies
lies in disguise it was a surprise
to see to me like that
like a dog that only gets fed and walked
trapping me like a worthless rat
when you were sick i held you tight in all those drunken nights
i won't beg, i won't cry, or look into your eyes cos i already said goodbye

you can care about the blind but you're fuckin' with the wise
i won't beg, i won't cry, or look into your eyes
you had a wicked heart so i kissed your lips goodbye
lies in disguise
lies, lies, lies in disguise

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