"Ruckus" lyrics



Jump in, the water's fine.
The dry land has lied.
So afraid of never coming up, again.
When the water chills, just keep swimming.
The sun fails our skin.
We'll warm ourselves kinetically... and never fail.

Give us chances to not only survive
but to take on the world by surprise, by surprise.
Let us take in more than our eyes can find.
Facing everything that defines us, give us time.
Holding our breath only keeps us afloat.
Dive down headfirst, struggle, and let go.

Explosions that we incite reopen the cold, dark sky.
Where action and coincidence collide.
All tangled now with relief,
we reach a shore worth treading in. Deeper, deeper we sink.

Trade the faces which we wear, to run free.
Knowing only ourselves.
We leave the poison skies and live much darker lives.

Let's continue unscathed and full of wonder, but overwhelmed.
There is no glass beneath us; to bleed our heels, a ruckus.

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