"Inquisition" lyrics



I’ve got the rest of my life in front of me
if you call this progression.
And if you think I’m living in misery
then you don’t know me well.
I’ve spent years trying to figure this out
and there were times I tried my best not to look back.
I hate to say that all the choices I made
weren’t worth it. Were they worth it?

I’ve never been a quitter but I felt like giving up that night on you.

This town means everything to me
so I won’t go down easily.
As you can see, it’s always the same two things
that’s got me running on empty.

And I fear that I’m basically losing my grip
based off the simple idea of
just keeping our best interests at heart.
Buy why wait for something so uncertain?
Instead I could be bettering myself
for someone who will be worth it.

So many nights I’ve spent contemplating words once said.

I’ve never been a quitter but I felt like giving up tonight on you.

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