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Just let me take this opportunity to say the things I need to say to you.
You don’t listen, contradicting every word you say.
How could you ever be this vain?
To say that you’ll try harder now, will it ever be the same?

What do you think I was supposed to say?
You just got up and threw it all away.
It is what it is, accept it or move on.
It’s hard to believe in you when you never speak the truth.
You’re a war without soldiers, a girl with no borders.
No evidence, no proof.

You’re so vain. You disgust me.

I know things will be better off this way now that I’m not anchored any more.
I know things will be better off this way now that I’m not anchored.

As far as I can tell, I’ll se you in hell.
Now that I’m not anchored any more, I’ll see you in hell.

And all this time I thought of something more to give when all I needed was myself to live.
At least I tried and that’s more than I could say for you.

The anchor of my life, I’m tired of sinking.

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