"Wasted On Arrival" lyrics


"Wasted On Arrival"

regrets no more!
growing up (up) never was my thing
i saw the signs, passed the time, and pretended to fit in
what the fuck is potential? i'll do what i believe in
in a society that makes me wanna puke, i let my guard down one too many times
so sick of falling back down and having to get back up again
and i don't know my name anymore these days
and i don't know who i am anymore these days
hey! i don't know what's happening to me
hey! i'll never know where i belong

[jeff from asob]
thanks a lot to all the books i've read
cause i graduated underskilled and overeducated
bitching bout' the system while i'm working in a basement
my minimum wage lifestyle is an embarrassment
we've all got that friend in a famous band
we've all got that friend who will never understand
why we'll never be the kids who climb the ladder up to management
we're idiot's with molotov's screaming "fuck the government!"

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