"All We Wanna Be" lyrics


"All We Wanna Be"

[Verse 1]
school has always been the same
fighting without fear or shame
for those of us who've been here long
stand up now proud and strong

[Verse 2]
grades don't seem to mean a thing
when your life hangs by a string
working hard for a lower wage
feeling trapped inside a cage

you and me, we couldnt be
what we were never told to be
our parents always wondered why
why we never thought to try
try or else it's do or die

[Verse 3]
when it's all been said and done
when we all have had our fun
sun and friends have gone away
the future's the only thing that stays

[Verse 4]
adult hood is overrated
for our time we're compensated
company is hard to find
when no one is your kind


[Bridge x8]
can't they see this is all we want to be?

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to knate for these lyrics

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