"Burn The Rope" lyrics


"Burn The Rope"

Beware the fortunes of talking of love today. If you hand me a heart I'll kindly push it away. Break the way I see your face, I hate the way you jump in place to the rhythm of that phony shit you are. Seen it through my eyes before I got up, that I would have to see you once again and you would fake to the crowd since you only know how to pretend, I can't win. In again,you see I can't forget you now, and the face you'll make when you're caught in cover up. You say the wrong things. I can't stand the way you talk when I'm near. This is the right way to tell you that I want to see you running through a door again, and again, and again. When it comes to you I won't regret the things I said and the chance to forget you again, and again, and again.

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