"Dó Maior" lyrics


"Dó Maior"

A moment of clarity to stay insane
An instant of lethargy to see beyond
There's not one time I remember picking up the pace without slurring the rhymes
I have been coming home late again, again and again
Is there a quick excuse that one could use as if to make you proud?
So I'll move those shoes aside, they're always in the way
If we take it from the top and from solitude restrain
It seems that loosen members are always in the way

Never refer to scandalizing as means to ensure you'll be heard
Although inspiring, emblematic are your means to interrupt
Disoriented rhetoric, they revolve and acquire invariable speed
Which is faster than the sound of lightning and sometimes even than light itself

So please be heard
When forever finally means its name
All of your duties, they won't be postponed
The misery ruminated has been shaped in syntax syllables
This is what they told me:

"We make no sound as our distance grows,
we make no sound treading separate roads"

Marooned in circle conversations;
Abundant phone call delays;
Seems right now is never quite the time.

Planning tomorrow, safe life choices turned out to be a good read, but only until the second page
Another day explodes with the promise of a better late than ever attitude
Why don't we make some more plans and maybe we can retrocede in time and not waste it away

Losing time exchange words with meanings that will sting and not resolve.
What are we trying to accomplish wasting away?

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