"We'll Be OK" lyrics


"We'll Be OK"

Gettin' kinda sick of waiting,
Not really listening to words you've been saying.
How long have we been here for?
When all we really need is one minute more.
Let's just forget about the fight that we had,
Then maybe you could see it really isn't that bad.
I wish that I could kiss our problems away.
I wish that I had only nice things to say.

I told you once before, don't wanna break up.
The wrong side of the floor is where I'm gunna wake up.
Got a problem now I think I finally figured it out.
Don't try to hold me down, just try and shut me up.
Everything around me, nothing like I thought it was.
All I know is if I make it through today,
I think we might be OK.

Thanks to Ditchy Serlington for these lyrics

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