"Isn't It Glorious?" lyrics


"Isn't It Glorious?"

i gotta house and a yard and a cat and a tv yeah
im doin alright
gotta girly who loves me, not you, just me
and i think its just fine
for a chump with no money i'm not really that funny but
i could prolly make you laugh
and i know its notta lot but i make do with what i have
isnt it glorious

so dont ask me what i think
cuz i dont even really know that much
what you see is what you get
maybe we could even have some fun
if you wanted me to i could take you away
show you more of my world
lets go!

dont wanna go to your college or get down at your party
let me be honest here
dont have time to be wasted on your stupid faces
the things i do are just a lil queer
but its really not funny i dont have any money
but i could prolly pay you back
i know its not a lot but i make do with what i have
and isnt it glorious?

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