"Call It Art" lyrics


"Call It Art"

theres nothing you can say to me
my mind is set why cant you see
society's just as cruel as i thought itd be
take your ideas, rip them apart
theyre just as shallow as my broken heart
ill whine at the top of my lungs and ill call it art

dont offer me any shit that i dont need
cuz ill try real hard to disregard everything you say to me

dont look back i cant rewind
ill take these words and pretend that theyre mine
wallow at the top of my lungs but i think im fine
take your ideas and i rip them apart
theyre just as empty as my teenage heart
i'm havin so much goddamn fun and i call it art

when the stars fall i will, lie awake
in bed and soak up all the salt upon my pillow
from the tears i shed
and makes the bitterness come out when i wake
and i sing this song
the kids all memorize these lines in my dreams
they always sing along

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