"The Most Interesting Man In The World" lyrics


"The Most Interesting Man In The World"

Let's ignite the torch.
I lost all ground.
I lost myself in the solar rays.

We are born into everything as we end for nothing.
We will see it all burn.
We're burning star four and we've been courted to our doom.

The lights flicker to our decay and the tombs erode where we lay.
We'll watch them burn.
I'll watch them burn in the furnace of the sun for we are all dust.

And as dust we must wither into the vast mass of decadence.
Every cell is tarnished by flame.
As is every breath and thought we have engraved.

Gravity is the law we've known since the womb.
We are all dust.

Nothing is unbreakable.
Everything will come to know ruin.

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