"Packing Up" lyrics


"Packing Up"

Living a life governed by pain, I step away from the fire but I carry the flame. My youth, I'm proud, I wear it on my sleeve my faceless generation's gonna make you see. We are the ones, the right and wrong, we've laid down beneath your rules for too long, we are here and we're here to stay, our hopes and dreams will be real one day. The time has come we have to go change end these flames of hatred that burn us everyday. Remember the times of harmony and how I want them back, wait until the time is right and then we will attack pride, honor, I wear it on my sleeve my faithless generation's gonna make you see. We'll destroy your system with a unified voice and you can't do a goddamn thing cuz now it's our choice. We've listened to you b*tch about this world gone wrong but you can only sit, b*tch and do nothing for so long. Watch it all fall down around you while you sit safe at home, we're packing up and moving on and you'll be left alone. The carefree world that used to be has fallen out of sight, I want to take it back but it's going to be a fight. When you leave this earth your beliefs leave too, I don't want to achieve nothing and go out like a fool. The way I like to see it is it's them against us. We've got youth on our side, let's f*ck sh*t up. Every time they've stopped you from doing what you must, every teacher cop and parent that's dragged you through the mud, I refuse to allow it and I hope there's more like me. Face this generation and we'll make you see, everything I have, no I won't let it go, if you can find a better way, let me know... No matter what they say, never walk the line, fight your way to happiness and you'll be fine...

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