"Jennifer's Cafe" lyrics


"Jennifer's Cafe"

Sitting in Richmond the "C-side" of town, the whole band is with me, we're just f*cking around. Reggae is the sound on the radio, we've got nothing to do, we've got nowhere to go... I've been told that nothing stays the same, that sooner or later it has to change. Fight if you have to, to live your life. Don't let'em tell you anything, but you know what's right. Summertime sun and heat that you can taste. Ashes, and strings, and Adam's bass. In the East Bay in the Summertime, needles and foil, having such a good time... We all walk over to Jennifer's, we haven't eated all day. A place to relax, a place to get away. Smoking cigarettes, hung over so bad. 'Now" are the best times I've ever had...

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