"Sangria Pt.2" lyrics


"Sangria Pt.2"

Slipping away is such a simple thing, and I can't believe I'll never see you again.
I tried to run away from every question you left me. I can't seem to escape.
How could you do this to yourself? Thought I knew you so well.
But, you would never tell me anything you thought I'd dwell on.
You had me in the palm of your hand. I'll never understand.

Don't tell me that I got the wrong impression.
You told me that you loved me that I was your obsession.
Now you're gone. I'll never have the chance to explain
the motivation behind my foiled plans.

Too bad, so sad, well I never learned to enjoy what I had.
Do me a favor and come pay me a visit.

I forgave you but I won't forget,
all the plans that we made to enjoy the days up ahead.
For every day a different shade of regret.
I carry on, because it's all I have left.
I wish I could say that there's nothing wrong with me,
but I lost the one I loved to a tragedy.
I'm obsessed with the idea that I will see you again.

Separation, you're stuck in limbo I ponder visitation.
If I had never met you would I be in this position?
I think that if we were strangers we would both be in existence.

I hope you haunt me [x3] for the rest of my life.

It goes to show that you never know,
whether to fall in love or take it slow,
because the one that you think you know,
might not have plans to stick around for the show.

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